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Medina Plating Corporation Provides The Highest Quality Rack Zinc, Zinc Iron & Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating


Fischer X Ray

At Medina Plating Corp., we provide our customers with service of the highest quality.

Our quality assurance procedures ensure that our metal finishing processes are in compliance with all levels of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) used by automotive manufacturers and many other manufacturing suppliers. PPAP testing must be completed before production begins.

Our Quality Assurance Procedures Include:

  • Compliance with all levels of PPAP submissions
  • Internal and external quality planning
  • On-site laboratory
  • Complete first-piece inspection for sample submission
  • Fischer X-Ray for testing plating thickness and bath composition
  • Oxford/CMI Magnetic Induction plating thickness tester
  • Singleton Corrosion test chamber configured for neutral salt spray testing
  • Thermo spectronic spectrophotometer for chromate solution control
  • Magnetic gauge coating thickness test

Process Chromate Hours to Red Rust
Zinc/Iron Trivalent Black 500+
Zinc/Iron High Performance Trivalent Blue/Clear with sealer 500+
Zinc/Iron High Performance Trivalent Blue/Clear with sealer 500+
Zinc/Iron Trivalent Yellow 500+
Zinc/Nickel High Performance Trivalent Blue/Clear without sealer 1000+
Zinc Hexavalent Olive Drab 350+
Zinc Trivalent Yellow 200+
Zinc Trivalent Blue with or without sealer 24+
Zinc High Performance Trivalent Blue with sealer 120+
Zinc Trivalent BlackĀ  500+


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